2012 year, issue 1



Hlushko Mykhailo. On the origin and sources of ukrainians’ leavened bread (cultural genetic aspect). P. 3-18

On the ground of available sources and data of scientific literature the author presents own version of the origin of leavened bread among the Ukrainians. He considers some preconditions and most probable historic period as for its appearance as well as examines elements, customs and rites connected with this cultural phenomenon. He also analyzes traits in common and special features of various types of ritual leavened bread.
Keywords: ethnology, Ukraine, unleavened bread, leavened bread, origins, sources, technology, ritualism.

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Bolibrukh Lina. On the bread in ritual structure of boiko traditional wedding. P. 19-26

In the article are being presented some characteristic features as for usage of bread in the structure of traditional wedding in Boiko Land. On the ground of author’s own ethnographic field studies as well as published sources and data of scientific literature analytic research-work has been performed in functional destination and signifying symbolic part of bread through various stages of Boiko wedding. In particular, the attention has been paid to such wedding actings as matchmaking, engagement, periwinkle rite, invitation to the wedding, nuptial benediction and meeting the newly-married couple, putting on kerchief by a bride.
Keywords: ethnology, Boiko land, wedding, bread, rite, ceremony.

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Horbal Mariya. On water in lemkos’ christmas ritualism. P. 27-33

Semantic meaning of water in the Christmas ritualism of Lemko land is being analyzed in the article. The author has concluded with a claim that during Christmas festivals people’s honorable treatment of water and myths as for its miraculous qualities testify popular respect to summer heavenly elements as clouds and warm rains playing quite important part in agriculture.
Keywords: expurgation of illnesses, expiation of past-year sins, expulsion of every evil before the New Year, magical protective function, defensive function.

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Chmelyk Roman. On attitudes by inhabitants of ukrainian-polish borderlands to the frontier-line. P. 34-39

In the article have been considered some problems as for attitudes to the frontier-line by inhabitants of Ukrainian-Polish borderlands. The author has tried to trace as states so tendencies in the changes of this attitude from the time when the frontier had arisen till nowadays; the research-work is based on the scholar’s own field studies.
Keywords: Ukrainian-Polish borderland, frontier, attitudes by local population

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Chopovsky Vasyl. On socio-homestead songs by woodcutters of Ukrainian Carpathian mountain region. P. 40-46

In the article written on the ground of wide circle of published materials and author’s own field studies have been considered some socio-homestead songs by woodcutters of Carpathian region. Those creations reflect conditions of population’s living and work in the mountain land. Attention has been paid to kolomyjkas rhymes on Hutsul insurrection of 1920.
Keywords: Ukrainian Carpathians, Boiko land, Hutsul land, Boikos, Hutsuls, insurgent kolomyjka rhymes.

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Benkalovych Natalia. On Mykola Ustyjanovych’ activities in the field of ethnography and regional studies. P. 47-51

The article has brought some characteristics of еtnographiс and regional studies by Mykola Ustyjanovych. Especial attention has been concentrated on basic stages of the scholar’s ethnographic activities, themes of his particular interest as well as his ethnographic travels. Analytical research has been devoted to personality of Mykola Ustyjanovych as true follower of «Ruska Trijcia» direction in еtnographiс and regional studies of Ukrainian Carpathians and his creative works inspired by those studies.
Keywords: «Ruska Trijcja», Mykola Ustyjanovych, investigation, regional studies, ethnographic materials, the Ukrainian Carpathians.

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Levkovych Nadia. Boikos’ folk meteorology: magical ritual actions of influence on the atmospheric phenomena. P. 52-58

In the article have been studies some peculiarities of Ukrainian highlanders’, Boikos’ in particular, traditional folk meteorological notions. Under analysis have been put as popular preventive means against the unfavorable atmospheric phenomena so strict ritual magical acts of influence upon ones.
Keywords: folk knowledge, folk meteorology, Boikos, magical ritual act.

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Shcherban Olena. On pottery ware in Ukrainian peasant refectory: folk traditionalism to pseudo-elitism (last quarter XIX to early XX cc.). P. 59-61

In the article have been treated some traditions in the set-out of a table in people’s homestead life with especial attention to usage of pottery ware gradually replaced with faience ones
Keywords: pottery, porcelain, faience, setting

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Zamostianyk Iryna. On familial homestead relations by Lviv townspeople during the late XVI to the early XVII cc. P. 62-69

In the article have been presented concrete documental examples by means of which the author is considering some separate and characteristic stages of familial homestead relations by Lviv townspeople during the late XVI to the early XVII cc. Especial attention has been paid to marital relations as well as to bringing the children up and to division of deceased parent’s heritage.
Keywords: homestead life, relations, family, children, townspeople, Lviv.

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Movna Marianna. The discourse of lviv guidebooks during the Hавsburg’s epoch (1772—1918). P. 70-81

For the first time in Ukrainian Lviv studies the article has brought some results of attempt to throw light upon the history of compiling the guidebooks for our town during the epoch of Habsburgs’ rule (1772—1918). In the article have been marked main typological attributions of the guidebooks and underlined thematic, ideologic and linguistic peculiarities of ones.Characteristics have been given to the works by authors most noted and widely known in mentioned period — i.t.heritage left by A. Schneider considered to be the father of Lviv guidebooks, S. Kunasiewicz, A. Zipper, A.J. Hollender, V. Shukhevych, M. Kovalchuk, М. Оrlowicz and others. In the general bibliography of Lviv guidebooks there are 32 titles as for now
Keywords: city guides, A. Schneider, Lviv, history, discurs, Habsburg’s epoch.

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Skilsky Dmytro. On technique practices in artistic woodworks. P. 82-89

In the article have been considered methodical means used for instructive teaching in the schooling course of traditional Hutsul woodwork and in-laid incrustation. Some wide-spread ornamental motifs of flat woodcarving have been put under analytical study.
Keywords: «drabynky», «shnurochok», «pivshyrynky», «shyrynky», «zubtsi», «yilchaste pys’mo», «kvadraty», «romby», «kryvulky», «zubtsi z holovkamy», «holovkate», «hachky», «parkanets», «kolosok», «ruzhi».

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Skrynnyk-Mys’ka Daryna. On methodological discourse in art studies: the aspect of culturology. P. 90-97

In the article have been considered some widely spread methods of research-works used in Modern Western art scholarship. Problems of theory and methodology arisen in contemporary Ukrainian art studies have been presented through phenomenological context of post-totalitarian society. Rationales have been given for multilateral approaching to methodology and theory of art history as those that still are in need of methodological discourse.
Keywords: art studies, method, analysis, work of art, theory of art.

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Dutka Vasyl. On «Hutsul» expressionism by Frederyk Pautsch. P. 98-102

In the article have been considered some first steps of expressionism in Europe, particularly in Poland; especial attention has been paid to new artistic principles and methods. On the basis of F.Pautsch’s creative works, closely tied with Hutsul land, the researcher has presented his view of national peculiarities as well as ideal and aesthetic sources of artist’s «Hutsul» version of expressionism. The scholar has put distinct stress on the artist’s personal style inspired by the history, culture, life and householding of the Carpathian village.
Keywords: expressionism, «Young Poland», painting, Slavic nature, ethnography, dissonance.

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Smolyar Olena. Kiev architectural school of the Ukrainian Baroque. P. 103-107

In the article have been studied some peculiarities of usage of the Ukrainian Baroque in design and architecture
Keywords: Kiev architectural school of Baroque epoch, directions of schooling, art church, cathedral, Military Nikolsky cathedral, St. George cathedral of Vydubychi Monastery, Pokrovska church.

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Lozynska Chrystyna. On main stylistic principles in development of Styliahas (fashioned younglings) costume. P. 108-112

In the article have been studied some preconditions for arising of Styliahas youth movement from the late 1940s until the early 1960s in the Soviet Union. Particular attention has been paid to the problem of correlations between Western and Soviet youth subcultures, typologies , and influences of those upon costume features and fashions. Works by previous researchers in the problem field of youth fashioning have been considered and critically evaluated.
Keywords: styliahas, fashion, subculture, youth.

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Semeniuk Vasyl. On printing-type organization in artistic editions: external and internal formulation. P. 113-119

Our Ukrainian system of printing type has belonged to European ones; in part it a descendant of Greek printing set and in expression as well as in formation of its functions in considerable measure it has used vertical and horizontal directions with all their qualities. One might state that horizontal being the line of equable move as good as vertical or limited stopped line could possess own inner definite order and as a result own definite scale; herewith presenting all own general features.
Keywords: graphical art, printing type, form, line, national tradition.

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Gerus Ludmyla. Memorial Session of Scientific Board in Antin Budzan’s 100 birth jubilee. P. 120-131

The article brings description of Memorial Session by Scientific Board of the Ethnology Institute, NANU that took place in honor of Antin Budzan’s — widely-known and highly-esteemed art scholar, ethnologist, museum researcher — 100th jubilee of birth. Compiling a creative portrait of eminent scholar and unordinary person the scientists of Institute have presented the audience their impressions and recollections on collaboration as well as communication with A. Budzan; they also have made an attempt to appraise his scientific achievements.
Keywords: Memorial session, Scientific Board, Antin Fedorovych Budzan, centennial jubilee, art scholar, ethnologist, museum researcher, priest.

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Hoshchitska Tetiana. The furniture of the traditional habitation in the Boykivshina-Pidhirya frontiers (the second half of the ХІХ — the first part of ХХ~centuries). P. 132-142

In this paper author published his field ethnographic materials collected in the Boykivshina-Pidhirya frontiers, described furniture of the traditional habitation, analyses assortment of the traditional furniture over of his functional missing, maxims and logic’s zoning of space of habitation, hall and barn.
Keywords: traditional culture, material culture, habitation, traditional furniture.

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Roman Solomiya. The Christmas Eve ceremonial rites by Ukrainians of Zhydachiv region (after materials of ethnographic expeditions). P. 143-149

The article deals with traditional rites of Christmas Eve ceremony by Ukrainians Zhydachiv region. On the basis of author’s own field ethnographic studies have been presented some characteristic properties and distinguishing features of Christmas Eve celebrating in various parts of Zhydachiv area.
Keywords: ethnology, Christmas Eve, Zhidachiv, custom, ceremony, attribute.

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Kushnir Vitalii. On formation of archaeological collections in Ukrainian museums of Galicia. P. 150-159

In the paper has been considered the progress in formation of archeological collections at Ukrainian museums of Galicia (Halychyna) during interwar period of 1918—1939. The research-work has thrown some light upon the stages of development as well as main sources for filling up the collections and the contents of ones that had been gathered by archeological department of Shevchenko Scientific Society, Ukrainian National museum in Lviv and museum of Boikivshchyna Society in Sambir. The activities by J. Pasternak, Jur. Poliansky, O. Kandyba and V. Kobilnyk in the field of museum archeology have been presented and evaluated.
Keywords: museum, Ukrainian museum, Galicia (Halychyna), archaeology, archaeological collection.

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Radovych Roman. On spiritual and cultural dimension of traditional constructive craft. P. 160-162
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Bilan Maya. Scientific synthesis on traditional Volhynian clothing. P. 163-165
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Pidhorna Liliya. Folklore studies of The Golden Age in Galicia. P. 166-167
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Our authors
On field exploration of russian and belarusian ethnologists and etnolinguists in Ukrainian Polisia 1945—1980s
In the study based on a wide range of literary materials have been comprehensively characterised field research in Polisia of Ukraine, performed by Russian and Belarusian ethnologists during 1945—1980s as well as Moscow ethnolinguists and other researchers from ethnologic centres of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in the course of realization of Ethnolinguistic Atlas of Polisia program. Particular attention has been paid to geography, methods, themes and research results of scientific projects.
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On bessarabian and moldavian ukrainians in the studies of historical ethnography
The article has thrown some light upon a sum of scientific findings got during XIX to XXI cc. in historio-ethnographic studies of Bessarabia and Moldavian Ukrainians. In the pre­sent paper has been given author’s answer to the problem of lacking progress as for the numerous themes concerning Ukrainians. State and achievements of the research-works in Ukrainians’ material and spiritual culture by the scientists of Moldavia and Ukraine through the years of independence has been exposed.
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Maternity ritualism by volhynians in publications of the second half XIX to the early XXI cc.
In the article have been considered some basic landmarks for fixing and publication of ethnographic materials on the maternity rites of Volhynia with analytical study in ritual elements, their kinds and territories of origin. The article has also raised a problem of gaps in studies of maternity rites of Ukrainian historio-ethnographic Volhynia.
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Wax candle as ukrainian Christmas and epiphany ritualistic text
For the first time in native ethnology the article has brought some results of special study in sign functionality of a wax candle under the context of Ukrainian Christmas and Epiphany ritualistic text (ritualism of Christmas Eve, New Year, Epiphany Eve and Feast of Epiphany). The study has stated extremely high semiotic position of a wax candle as projection of Sun, mediator between the spheres of sacral and prophane elements, symbolic analogue of human existence, apotropy, cultural symbol re-establishing borders of acculturated space.
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