« 2018. #1 (139)

The Ethnology Notebooks. 2018, 1 (139), 231–241

UDK 821(477) «19» (092)+61

DOI https://doi.org/10.15407/nz2018.01.231

Received 14.12.2017


ORCID ID: https://orcid.org/0000-0001-7895-3379

Stelmashchuk Halyna, doctor in Art Studies, professor,
of the Lviv National Academy of Arts,
Valid member – Academician of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine
Head of the Department of History and Theory of Arts
of Lviv National Academy of Arts.

Abstract. Life and work of Mykhailo Kachaluba, a native of Ternopil oblast, a doctor and writer, a public figure, author of ten collections of poetry, four books of memoirs, are high;oghted. From student years to his death, he was compeled to live and work outside the Motherland. At various stages of his life, among the unpardonable conditions, dramatic situations, he consciously and steadfastly defended Ukrainians, contributing his part to accelerating the independence of Ukraine. He was published in the periodicals of the Ukrainian diaspora — «Novyi Shliakh» (Toronto), «Ukrainskyi Svit» (Paris), «Khrystyinskyi Holos» (Munich), etc., was a member of the international writer’s organization PEN-Club, the Union of Ukrainian Writers in Canada «Slovo» and Honorary Member of the Union of Ukrainian Writers of Slovakia.

Keywords: Mykhailo Kachaluba, medical faculty, poet, writer, doctor.


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