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The Ethnology Notebooks. 2017, 4 (136), 778–783

UDK 39(=161.2:477.83/.86).”18”:[82.02.09:7.035]

DOI https://doi.org/10.15407/nz2017.04.778


Kyrchiv Roman Fedorovych – scientist-folklorist,

ethnologist and literary scholar, doctor of philological

sciences (1980), professor (1994), full member of the

Shevchenko Scientific Society (1992), academician

of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School (1997),

Honored figure of science and technology of Ukraine (2008).

Svobody Avenue 15, 79000, Lviv, Ukraine.

Contacts: e-mail: ina@mail.lviv.ua

Abstract. The article is describes the times when the actual Ukrainian folk studies, in particular such their components as ethnography and folkloristic, native language and history studies, were at the stage of its conception and formation. In Ukraine, as same on other European countries, especially the Slavic ones, this process took place on the basis of strong influence of romanticism ideology — a new trend in social thought, literature, art, science, what strongly stimulated the change of the whole system of world outlook values and guidelines.

Keywords: romanticism ideology, attention to Ukrainian ethnology studies, living historical memory, spiritual community of ordinary Galicians, Cossack`s tradition.

Received 6.06.2017


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Maternity ritualism by volhynians in publications of the second half XIX to the early XXI cc.
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On bessarabian and moldavian ukrainians in the studies of historical ethnography
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Traditional folk clothes of velikobychkovsky hutsuly of XIX — the first half of XX century
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On field exploration of russian and belarusian ethnologists and etnolinguists in Ukrainian Polisia 1945—1980s
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