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The Ethnology Notebooks. 2018, 3 (141), 689–695

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Protsiv Oleg Romanovich, Ph.D. in Public Administration,
Chief Specialist of Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Department of Forestry and Hunting.
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Abstrakt. The article illustrates the activities of the Lviv Hunting Society named after Saint Hubert. It is described the management of the society, the number of hunted game, the hunting grounds on which hunting was conducted. It is analyzed humanitarian and social component of the society’s activity. It is described the peculiarities of hunting made by members of the society.

Keywords: Lviv, hunting, hunting, public organizations, Galicia.

Received 25.01.2018


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Boikos’ pandemonium: categories of evil deceased
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Maternity ritualism by volhynians in publications of the second half XIX to the early XXI cc.
In the article have been considered some basic landmarks for fixing and publication of ethnographic materials on the maternity rites of Volhynia with analytical study in ritual elements, their kinds and territories of origin. The article has also raised a problem of gaps in studies of maternity rites of Ukrainian historio-ethnographic Volhynia.
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