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The Ethnology Notebooks. 2019, 2 (146), 283—292

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Doctor of Economics, Professor,

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M.I.Institute of Regional Studies

of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

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Abstract. In the current article, probably for the first time, the model of state-building, where the nation is considered to be conscious of its national idea of the future development, is analysed. The stratagemes for building a nation-state of indigenous people with all the proper attributes are being developed. The title nation living in this state has an exclusive, natural, cultural, religious and historical right to self-determination and protection. It is noted that in a process of elimination of imperial assimilation barriers, these stratagemes perform three fundamental and at the same time interrelated functions of spiritual revival: consolidation of the nation, its identification and integration into a civilized world. It is stressed that everything impeding the realization of these core functions for national progress is a remnant of the hostile neighbourhood of the past, which contemporaries must not keep for the future generation to attain a better future.

In this context, an integrated approach to the National Idea is proposed as a set of integral stratagems of national progress, which made it possible to highlight in each block of stratagems the corresponding priorities of building a national state. For example, in the unity bloc — to return the peace and integrity of the country; in the defense of «ukrainianity» — implement the law of the Ukrainian language. As for the «dignity» bloc — adhere to the vector of civilizational development, achieve admission to NATO, the EU, achieve high socio-economic living standards of people of developed countries, indicators of their well-being and recreation; and at the same time — develop their own strength and resources.

The achievement of Ukraine affects not only the named blocks of stratagems, but also the structure of global and regional factors, exclusive barriers that still lie in the field of Ukrainian studies of virgin land. The conclusion is intended to help the reader understand that in the conditions of an aggressive external environment and continued imperial support of the «fifth columns» in the Ukraine — this poses a great danger to state sovereignty, national identity and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The great importance for developing an effective road map for the ultimate exit of Kyiv from the orbit of Moscow’s imperial claims, enhancing the self-exclusive subjectivity of Ukraine, and accelerating its accession to the number of free countries of the world.

Keywords: Ukrainian National Idea, stratagems for nation-state building, barriers to national identity protection, information space.

Received 25.02.2019


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