« 2017. #6 (138)

The Ethnology Notebooks. 2017, 6 (138), 1477—1482

UDK”18/19″ Ye. Kupchyns’kyj:655

DOI https://doi.org/10.15407/nz2017.06.1477

Received 23.10.2017


Zakharchuk Oksana, musicologist, Finder of a Ph.D. degree

at the Department of Music Medeutics and Ukrainian Studies

of the Lviv National Music Academy named after M.V. Lysenko,

Nizhankivsky Str., 5, Lviv, 79005, Ukraine

Contacts: Tel. (032) 2358291; e-mail: aspirantura.lnma@gmail.com

Abstract.  The multifaceted creative activity of Father Yevgen Kupchynskyi in the process of the Ukrainian national revival in the territory of Western Ukraine of the late ХІХth — the first third of the ХХth century is considered. In particular, analyzes his composer’s works, an active performing practice as zither virtuoso and the organizer and conductor of choral ensembles, as well as his significant contribution to the development of the publishing business — music printing.

Keywords: choir society «Boyan», art of playing zither, Yevhen Kupchynskyi


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