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The Ethnology Notebooks. 2024. № 2 (176), 434—441

UDK 39:[355.318(477)”19″]:001.891 Г.Дем’ян

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  • Doctor of Philology [Dr. Hab], Professor,
  • Head of the Folklore Department,
  • Institute of the NAS of Ukraine,
  • 15, Svobody Avenue, 79000, Lviv, Ukraine,
  • Contacts: e-mail: vasylsokil@gmail.com

Abstract. The goal of the suggested article is to explore the aspects of Hryhorii Demian’s public and political activity during the period of Ukraine’s independence. Attention is focused on various formats, including commemorating the fallen warriors during the struggle of the OUN and UPA, public speeches, and scientific conferences.

The research methodology involves the utilization of various methods such as historical, biographical, and theoretical-analytical. H. Demian advocated for the idea of establishing a memorial complex for those who died for Ukraine’s freedom in Slavsko in the Mlaka tract, where hundreds of participants of the insurgent movement of the 1940s—1950s are buried. He intensified his scientific work during the 50th anniversary of the UPA, and initiated the idea of creating a Documentation Center of the National Liberation Struggle, where the source materials would be accumulated. The researcher publicly informed about the Kurin «Boyky» named after Bohdan Khmelnytsky, the battle on Lopata mountain. The scientist participated in numerous conferences dedicated to the UPA, presenting analytical reports in Skole, Sambir, and Zolochiv. As an educator, he was interested in methods of passing information to children. As a model, he set the Koziv secondary school (headmaster M. Kleputs), where the information about the national liberation struggle of the 20th century was displayed on the stands. H. Demian is the author of a document on the official recognition of the UPA’s struggle in the 1940s—1950s as a national liberation movement. Makivka mountain, the site of Sich Riflemen glory, was constantly the focus of his attention. However, he noted that the names of UPA members who died nearby should also have been carved on the monument. H. Demian continued to represent the insurgent topic at subsequent conferences held in the Boykivshchyna region (Turka), spreading the idea of a just struggle for Ukraine’s independence.

Keywords: national-liberation struggle, Ukrainian Insurgent Army, the independence of Ukraine, memorial, conference.

Received 15.02.2024


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