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The Ethnology Notebooks. 2018, 2 (140), 319—327.

UDK 7.011.26:391(=161.2):746.5


Received 25.01.2018

THE CONCEPT OF THE ETHNIC ARTISTIC TRADITION OF BEADED DECORATION OF FOLK BURDEN OF UKRAINIANS (Part 2. factors of formation, evolution and actual ethnic art tradition)


Fedorchuk Olena Stepanivna, PhD in Arts,

Senior Researcher at the Ethnology Institute

of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine,

Folk Art Department

Svobody Avenue 15, 79000, Lviv, Ukraine.

Contacts: Tel. (067)740-70-41; e-mail:

Abstrakt. The article deals with the classification of factors of ethnic artistic tradition. Parameters established as the main: the environment and nature of origin, duration of action, the level and character of influence. Distribution of factors based in the environment of their origin is selected as the main: natural, social, person-psychological. It is shown that the influence of factors depends on the context of the tradition — its stay in the state of formation, evolution or actualization. In this regard, the author operates the collective concept of «factors of the formation, evolution and actualization of the ethnic artistic tradition». On the example of the ethnic artistic tradition of beaded decoration of folk burden of Ukrainians, the general-regular or selective action of factors in different contexts and areas of tradition is demonstrating.

Keywords: ethnic artistic tradition, beaded decoration, folk burden, factors of formation, evolution and actualization.


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