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The Ethnology Notebooks. 2018, 3 (141), 731–737

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Osadcha Alla Mykolaivna, Senior teacher
Kiev National University of Technology and Design Department of drawing and painting,
Volodymyra Nemyrovycha-Danchenko Street, 2, 01011, Kyiv, Ukraine.
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Abstrakt. In article the analysis of the separate perspective directions of improvement of design of clothes in the world and in Ukraine is carried out. Some features of development of modern design of clothes are outlined. The main directions in design of clothes are specified. Connection of design of clothes with its design is proved. It is noted that in the most general form improvement of design of clothes is connected with style of a postmodernism. It is specified that the important directions of improvement of design of clothes is use of ethnic, ecological and futuristic subjects in design. Features of design of the transformed clothes are considered. The principles by which education of experts in the sphere of design of clothes has to be guided are offered.

Keywords: design, clothes, form, art, postmodernism, what design, ethnicity, modeling, designing, collections, technologies, innovations, transformations, accessories, improvement.

Received 23.02.2018


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